When our memories of the ancient world fade into twilight, A new era dawns to fill the Void. A civilization on the precipice of greatness. Rome! was the culmination of passion and dedication, the very spirit of Rome! radiates throughout the hearts and minds of those who witness it.

The New Realms

Deep below the murky depths of spawn cove lay the Aquatic commune of Cuba. Cuba would embark on many joint infrastructure projects with other nations cementing itself in the history books.

Realms 2020

found on the expansive plains behind the small settlement that would become Panama, Norway grew into a World power; Controlling trade, diplomatic votes and the largest TNT arsenal.


Sitting on the outskirts of an expansive Jungle. The kingdom is offered natural protection from its rivers and coastline. Many adventures are to be had in this land.

The Gulag Expanse

A great cavern stretching into the sky, overlooking the Jawa desert. not much is known about this place.